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What We're Reading: August Equity & Social Justice Edition

Headshots of blog authors from left to right Alice Y. Hom and Daniel Lau
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This month finds us with our hearts heavy with the loss of lives through the mass shootings and the passing of a beloved writer, Toni Morrison. The expression of white supremacist violence and hate is overwhelming and we’re trying to find comfort...

Why We’ve Stopped Saying ‘Natural Disaster’ and You Should Too

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Not so long ago, I used the term "natural disaster" in a manuscript for a publication. My PhD supervisor shot back, “There's nothing natural about disasters.” Decades of hazard research and our frontline communities are concluding the same thing:...

Announcing Open Call for NCG's Next Senior Fellow

Release Date: 
In 2018, NCG launched a Senior Fellow program as a platform for philanthropic leaders to advance a body of work, reflect, share insights with our members and the sector more broadly, and provide guidance, mentorship, and support to NCG staff and our...

What We're Reading in July: Equity & Social Justice Edition

Release Date: 
As we reflect on Independence Day for the United States, we’re grappling with how history, culture, and the arts are written about and by whom. We’re questioning how terms are used in different ways, where we come from, and the unexpected ways in...

We’re Still All-In for a Complete Count

Release Date: 
Today, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the citizenship question cannot, for now, be added to the 2020 Census. While this is an important step forward, significant challenges remain to ensuring that every person in our community is counted. The Bay...

NCG Endorses Schools and Communities First

Release Date: 
When NCG stepped into the policy space two years ago, we did so knowing that it would require us to be bold and lean deeply into our mission to bring philanthropy together to build healthy, thriving, and just communities. With the 2020 election...


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