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Climate & Disaster Resilience Funders Group 


The Climate & Disaster Resilience Funders Group centers philanthropy resourcing transformational resilience to the interconnected risks of climate change and natural hazards. 

We acknowledge that climate change and disasters impact many issues communities across California care about – be it health and wellness, youth and education, housing and homelessness, workforce and economic development, movement building and democracy, among others. The geographic focus of this group is incredibly diverse, encompassing the 48 counties in the State from the northern-most Kern/San Luis Obispo/ San Bernardino County lines up to the Oregon Boarder.  

Guiding Principles

  • The space between hazard and disaster lies prevention. There is nothing “natural” about disasters. Society, not nature, creates disasters. Disasters don’t have to happen in our communities if we make the right investments at the right time in the right places.  
  • People nearest the harm are also nearest the solutions. Solutions to climate and disaster risks are best designed and carried out by communities closest to the problems, with private and public support.  
  • Race matters. Focusing on racial equity and social justice, we prioritize communities of color acknowledging that systemic inequities often lead to increased vulnerability to disasters and result in significant barriers to resilience. 
  • Multi-sector problems require multi-sector solutions. Climate challenges cannot be solved by one sector alone – they must be addressed by involving business, government, nonprofits and philanthropy. 

How We Engage Together

The group serves as a space for funders in Northern California to deepen their understanding of challenges faced by frontline communities across the region, and how they can resource innovative solutions that build resilience. The group comes together to:  

  • Learn from technical experts, frontline communities, & state/local/federal/tribal agencies  
  • Share strategies and deepen partnership across the field of philanthropy  
  • Consider ways to take collective philanthropic action  

Target Audience

If you are interested in learning about intersectional issues facing our communities, this network is for you. All stages of grantmaking knowledge are welcome - whether you are in the beginning stages of incorporating climate strategies of your grantmaking or you've centered climate & disaster resilience in your grantmaking for years. Both members and eligible nonmembers can participate. Learn ore about NCG membership 


Katie Oran

Katie Oran, Climate and Policy Manager, Northern California Grantmakers

To join the mailing list or to learn more about participating in this funders group contact: