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Member Voices
Jan 16, 2024

Mobilizing Power During an Election Year

Our staff from the Healthcare Foundation Northern Sonoma County joined NCG’s 2023 Power Building cohort to learn how to be better advocates for policy changes on behalf of our grantees and their clients. Our goals were to learn more about IRS rules governing public charity C3s doing C4 and C4-aligned funding, and to bring what we learn to our many nonprofit colleagues in Sonoma County who are hungry to engage in more advocacy, but unclear on how to move forward.

Member Voices
Jun 6, 2023

NCG's Arts Loan Fund Welcomes Denise Pate and Ron Muriera as Co-Chairs

NCG's longest-running fund, the Arts Loan Fund (ALF) is welcoming two new Co-Chairs! NCG's own Viridiana (Viry) Romero chatted with Ron Muriera and Denise Pate to talk about what's in store for the ALF, why it's unique, and how they are sharing power to support communities.

Member Voices
May 23, 2023

Prioritizing Belonging for Repair and Re-imagining

NCG Member Austin Truong shared their experience in a session center belonging at the 2023 Annual Conference. Hear their experience and how belonging impacts the future of philanthropy.

Member Voices
Sep 29, 2022

Democratizing Campaign Dollars in Oakland

This is a pivotal moment in protecting and strengthening the fabric of American democracy. While we are still grappling with the destabilizing efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election, we are watching the threat to democracy growing as state legislators in multiple states are pushing for new voting barriers that target Black and brown people, working-class folks, young people, and immigrants.

Member Voices
Sep 27, 2022

Black Women for Wellness: A Case for Supporting Black-led Reproductive Justice

Popping up near bus stops, train stations, and other strategically placed locations within a driver’s line of vision are giant billboards in crisp black and white, proclaiming: Abortion is and will remain legal in California. Overlaid on the message in a puffy, golden font reads a closing reassurance: We got you! 

Member Voices
Aug 17, 2022

What We're Reading: Funding Trans Liberation

by Aldita Gallardo, Program Officer for the Fund for Trans Generations, Borealis Philanthropy

Last year in July 2021, NCG hosted a conversation with trans women of color leaders and queer/trans funder advocates–including the Akonadi Foundation, Borealis Philanthropy, Funders for LGBTQ Issues, Horizons Foundation, and Solidaire–to highlight trans leadership and dispel myths that BIPOC trans leaders and their organizations were being adequately resourced, even in the Bay Area. 

Member Voices
Aug 9, 2022

NCG Member Spotlight: A Conversation with Irvine Foundation’s Amy Saxton

As a part of our Member Spotlight series, we spoke with Amy Saxton, Vice President of Program Development at The James Irvine Foundation. Amy shared how she is approaching her work, program strategy, and where others can jump in to collaborate.

Member Voices
Jun 30, 2022

Clarifying Purpose: Zellerbach Family Foundation’s Shifts Toward a More Equitable Region

by Allison Magee, President, and Executive Director, Zellerbach Family Foundation and NCG Board Member

Recently, Northern California Grantmakers and philanthropic research and strategy firm Open Impact released Get it Right: 5 Shifts Philanthropy Must Make Towards an Equitable Region, a report funded by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation.