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A Letter to Philanthropy from NCG’s New Co-CEOs

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Three weeks ago, the two of us stepped into our new roles as acting Co-CEOs of Northern California Grantmakers. That was the same day the world learned we would need vigorous hand-washing and distance to protect each other and everyone in our...

Fostering Connection in a Time of Social Distancing

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Anxiety and fear are the body’s biological impulse to keep us safe. This fear is not purely personal, given my privileges of age, ability, proximity to resources, what science tells me. It is fear for my beloveds and all who do and will suffer: my...

Organizational Resilience: An Equity Approach to Crises

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How can philanthropy best strengthen organizational resilience? To find out, Alan Kwok spoke with Ana-Marie Jones, who has spent her career transforming organizations with her leadership on readiness, preparedness, and disaster response. Ana-Marie...

What We're Reading: March Equity & Social Justice Edition

Alice Hom and Daniel Lau
Release Date: 
March is about “springing forward” and with the daylight savings time, we’ll have more light to read articles that help us understand and interrogate systems that keep people from educational materials, financial capital, and basic care and support...

2019 Annual (Not)-Report

Release Date: 
If you’re looking for an annual report, you’ve come to the wrong place. But then, who looks for annual reports anymore? If you’re into joy, it was a good year to be part of NCG.

CEO Message: A Few Things I Have Learned about Leadership (So Far)

Ellen LaPointe headshot
Release Date: 
A few weeks ago I was asked to help welcome NCG’s inaugural cohort of Rising Leaders with a few words on leadership. At first I was daunted, not sure exactly what I might have to offer on this topic. So I did what I always do when I am trying to get...


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