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Amplifying Tribal-led Policy Solutions

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I’ve been reflecting on an experience I had last month. I was honored to attend the first Annual Northern California Tribal Policy Summit held in Arcata, California. Hundreds of leaders, survivors, legislators, and funders gathered to address the...

Call to Action: Paying Our Shuumi Land Tax

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In philanthropy, how do we steward resources back to the lands and communities that have experienced historical inequities? While it will not undo centuries of harm, it is a first step toward repair. NCG recognizes that we must move beyond optical...

My NCG Birthday Wish for Philanthropy 

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Still, it was worth noting, as the last two years were unlike anything professionally in the 28 years that proceeded it. A global pandemic, climate crises, economic destabilization, and assaults on democratic institutions occurring during a racial...

A Tribute to Gwen Walden, A Powerhouse for Philanthropy

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We recently lost a powerhouse in our field. Gwen Walden was the Senior Managing Director at Arabella Advisors' San Francisco office. She had a long history in our community and sector serving on the Boards of the East Bay Community Foundation, the...

Democratizing Campaign Dollars in Oakland

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Here in Northern California, we may believe that we are isolated and immune from this on-going assault on our freedom to vote and our power to elect and hold our leaders accountable. But while the symptoms may be more severe elsewhere, the rise of...

Announcing Deirdre Judge as Operations Coordinator

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NCG is pleased to announce the operations team is growing! Deirdre Judge (they/them) joins as the new Operations Coordinator supporting the implementation of NCG's internal and external infrastructure. Deirdre has spent their entire career working...


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