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Asking for a Friend...
Feb 22, 2024

Asking for a friend...Why does philanthropy change its focus and strategy so often?

Why does philanthropy change its focus and strategy so often, and on time frames that are unrealistic for minor victories let alone systemic change?

Announcement/Press Release
May 25, 2023

Tour NCG's New Website & Refreshed Brand

We have been working hard for the past year to create a website that reflects our current evolution. You'll find that we've updated our brand—and it's not just about changing logos or colors. We've taken a deeper look at how we communicate our values through our new design and our refreshed mission and vision statement. Our new site provides better accessibility and is more user-friendly. We hope this website makes your experience with NCG even better than it was before.

Practice Lab
Feb 29, 2024

All in for the Central Valley: Bolster Democracy by Rapidly Investing in Grassroots Leaders and Local Journalism During an Election Year

With the 2024 election upon us, we see the Valley made more vulnerable in a democracy hanging by a thread for the very same people that make the Valley a dynamic place. To give visibility to the multiracial richness and need for active civic engagement, the James B. McClatchy Foundation is ensuring the Central Valley is seen by fortifying the pillars of local journalism and democracy, particularly as we immerse ourselves "all in" during this election year.

Mic Drop
Feb 13, 2024

How Philanthropy Can Preserve Affordable Housing and Keep Residents in their Homes

Philanthropy brings a special appetite for innovation and has the capacity for greater risk-taking – and those stances are needed at this moment to preserve affordable housing. When affordable housing is destroyed – through neglect and disinvestment, demolition, increased rents - people lose their homes, neighborhoods lose community, and the region becomes a more congested and less interesting place. 

Mic Drop
Jan 29, 2024

The Philanthropic Paradox: Putting Perpetuity over Humanity

Philanthropy is full of paradoxes that hold us back. As we enter 2024, one of the most troubling philanthropic paradoxes is emerging across the field. Foundations tend to retreat when they are needed the most.  Why? Because foundations are taught to value perpetuity above our collective humanity.   


CEO Corner
Jan 23, 2024

Remembering Joe Brooks

This past week, Joe Brooks joined the ancestors, bringing to a close a powerful life and career whose impact extended deep into Bay Area philanthropy, and well beyond. Joe’s legacy in this field is vital and active through the dozens of leaders whose lives he touched in more than five decades of public service – including my own. 

CEO Corner
Jan 18, 2024

Introducing Our New Vice President for Equity and Justice: Huong Nguyen-Yap

Drumroll please, for our newest team member Huong Nguyen-Yap, who as the Northern California Grantmakers’ first Vice President of Equity and Justice will be accelerating racial equity efforts not only for NCG but for the philanthropic field.