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Continuing Conference Momentum

Dwayne Marsh interviewing Judy Belk and Bob Ross


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Wow. I’d say you had to be there to believe it, but many of you were there! The 2023 edition of the NCG Annual Conference was powerful on so many levels. We are proud of doing what NCG does best. We had 411 people represent the complete diversity of philanthropy and their nonprofit allies. The theme – mapping a collective future – held deep resonance with participants, and the content received high marks throughout the day.

The thing that was perhaps most powerful was the collective energy of moving towards a shared vision. Finding transformative practices that more directly bring resources, power, and agency to organizations on the ground at the front lines of our communities’ most pressing challenges. Knowing that everyone walked out newly equipped with an approach that could sharpen their efforts was deeply satisfying. We are proud of doing what NCG does best.

Our task is to ensure we do not lose the momentum unleashed at this event. Consider this a statement of intention. Can we build the equitable future this region deserves? We can, if we commit to challenging ourselves throughout the year to hold the energy and creativity we brought to the Center for Arts in our daily practice. Let’s come back this time next year and see just what we have managed to do together for good. 

Those were my impressions – we welcome yours. As you enjoy this week’s recap of the activities, you can still provide them through our handy conference evaluation. We’d love to hear about your favorite session, best connections, and of course, your preferred fanny-pack color.

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