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Generational Recovery Fund

A philanthropic collaborative working to support today’s youth in their recovery from the loss of opportunity and connection caused by COVID-19.


Generational Recovery Fund is a Bay Area regional pooled fund that invests in helping Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) youth to successfully navigate their recovery from the harms of COVID-19. We support them individually and collectively in improving their wellness, advancing their learning, and directing their futures.

Generational Recovery Fund is raising millions to provide and expand wellness, academic learning, and workforce services for Bay Area youth now through 2026.

  • General operating support grants of $100K
  • Awarded by local review committees in Bay Area counties
  • Youth and funders serve as co-designers and decision-makers


Crankstart Foundation | Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation | Genentech | Lisa & Douglas Goldman Fund | Silver Giving Foundation | Someland Foundation | Walter & Elise Haas Fund | Battery Powered Foundation

This pooled fund is held at The Amalgamated Foundation and is facilitated by Northern California Grantmakers.


To learn more about the fund contact its team on its website.