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Annual Gatherings

Each year NCG hosts three of its largest events bringing together hundreds of members to learn, disrupt, and gather together. 

Annual Conference

Each year, NCG hosts its Annual Conference designed specifically for members. It addresses the current issues impacting our communities on a local and national scale. By discussing ideas and challenges, we explore how the philanthropic sector can develop real-world solutions to cultivate healthier, thriving communities here in Northern California. The Conference is an opportunity to engage all your senses, ignite new energy into your work, and deepen your connections with our philanthropic community. 


Corporate Philanthropy Institute

NCG’s signature corporate event, the Corporate Philanthropy Insitute brings over 300 corporate peers together each year. With a constantly changing and evolving world, we are challenged to contemplate our role in addressing the issues that affect our communities. Each year's theme addresses where Corporate Philanthropy and the CSR field are headed, key issues and opportunities, and what bold steps companies are taking in tackling significant problems that impact our most vulnerable communities. This event is open to all members.

Philanthropy Holiday Party

The Philanthropy Holiday party is the perfect cap to every year. We organize and gather with other regional and national affinity groups to bring all of us in the same work together for an end-of-year hurrah. 

Imagine and Act: NCG's 2024 Annual Conference

We can only act on what we can imagine. As philanthropy is called to meet this moment, we need to expand our imagination. How can we envision philanthropy not as it is, but what it could be at its best?