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Photos by Patrick T. Power Photography 

Communications Manager

Kayla Ballard

Vice President of Strategic Initiatives

Steve Barton

Finance and Operations Director

Alice Cabrera Bryant

Public Policy Director

Cecilia Chen

Senior Operations Associate

Jenny Chinn

Collaborative Philanthropy Coordinator

Krystle Chipman

Senior Fellow

Pam David

Collaborative Philanthropy Manager

Sarah Frankfurth

Strategic Initiatives Consultant

Nicole Imani Giles

Vice President of Finance and Administration

Jeff Hodos

Equity and Social Justice Director

Alice Y. Hom

Vice President of Public Affairs

Emily Katz

Disaster Resilience Director

Alan Kwok

President and CEO

Ellen LaPointe

Program and Events Manager

Daniel Lau

Vice President of Member Engagement

Phuong Quach

Member Engagement Associate

Zoe Rudman

Leadership, Culture, and Community Director

Kate Seely

Communications Associate

Varisa Tantiwasadakran