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NCG inspires our members to apply our shared values for collective transformation. We co-create spaces to (un)learn, re-imagine, and transform what is possible. 

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Ask questions, get curious, and take ideas to act on the most pressing movement issues in the field today. Members have access to 100+ free events and get priority access to our Communities of Practice learning cohorts.

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Engage in action-oriented work around Democracy and Equitable Policy, Climate Resilience and Disaster Response, Nonprofit Sustainability, and our statewide alliance as Philanthropy California.

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Connect with other members with access to the member-only directory. Members can see what others are focused on, get support in an existing network, create a new collaborative fund, and strategize together on future possibilities. 

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Create a vision for the future of philanthropy with new approaches, transformational practice, risk-taking, and innovation.

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Expand your reach, share your progress, and get support with the 4,000+ individuals in the NCG community.

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Learn & Lead

Create programming and events with us that will educate the field, push leadership, and create lasting impact across the sector.

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NCG has three membership types. Choose which applies to you below and learn more about eligibility. 


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Solidarity, Not Charity in Philanthropy

by Dwayne S. Marsh & Suzanne St. John Crane

Charity connotes power or resources granted from the top to the bottom. Solidarity recognizes the mutuality and agency of all beings involved. To move from charity to solidarity means affirming the deep dignity and power of historically marginalized communities. In philanthropy we are not doing a service to movement leaders and community members by moving resources to them, they are doing a service for us by reclaiming wealth and capital that has been historically extracted and denied to them.