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NCG Endorses Schools and Communities First

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When NCG stepped into the policy space two years ago, we did so knowing that it would require us to be bold and lean deeply into our mission to bring philanthropy together to build healthy, thriving, and just communities. With the 2020 election...

Best and Worst Advice: New Grantmaker Faculty Weigh In

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In philanthropy, there's no shortage of advice. The faculty of NCG's upcoming 2019 New Grantmakers Institute (NGI) look back on the best (and worst!) advice they received as they entered the field and offer their own advice to this year's incoming...

CEO Message | Advancing Racial Equity: Our Journey Continues

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When we announced a few years ago that NCG would be taking up racial equity as a central part of our work we received praise, and we also encountered some skepticism. Many cautioned us that everyone seemed to be “getting into equity” and that we’d...

Keep Families Together: Continuing Our Fight for Immigrant Families

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Last month, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) published a new proposed rule that would prohibit “mixed-status” families from living in public, Section 8, or other subsidized housing. NCG is deeply concerned about the destructive...

What We're Reading in June: Equity & Social Justice Edition

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It certainly does feel like summer in the Bay Area these days. These articles reflect some hot topics in the social justice field. Let’s learn from these untold stories that provide a mirror and window connecting the past to current-day realities.

To My Future Self: Thoughts on Preparing for Philanthropy Today

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NCG’s New Grantmakers Institute has been running nearly as long as the organization itself. We asked participants from years past what advice they would offer their future selves, thinking back on their first days in philanthropy.

If We’re Lucky, We All Get Old

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I recently had a new head shot taken. It’s been close to 10 years since I last had a professional photograph taken of me, and well: I look a bit different. I now have an additional line or two across my forehead and my hair is sprouting a few more...


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