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Taking the Lead: A Conversation for New Grantmakers

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As we get ready for another series of the Institute, NCG's Kate Seely chatted with past participant Pedro Arista , Director at Hirsch Philanthropy Partners about his leadership journey, his experience at NGI, and how together we can build a pipeline...

Meet the Moment: It isn’t enough to fund change. We must change too.

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As I sit to write, our Northern California skies are hazy with wildfire smoke. It strikes me as a metaphor for this moment, 19 months into COVID, when our visions of a post-pandemic future are shifting yet again. I definitely don’t feel clear-eyed...

Exciting New Step for NCG's Membership Associate

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Zoe Rudman is taking a stroll to the other side of Market Street to join the staff at Energy Foundation as the new Funder Relations Coordinator, a part of its Strategic Partnership team. The Energy Foundation aims to secure a clean and equitable...

Audacious Hope. Ambitious Actions.

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During our Annual Conference, NCG's President and CEO Dwayne S. Marsh shared a very personal story , one that helped shape who he is today. To celebrate Dwayne at the helm for just over a year now, NCG's Board Chair and Executive Vice President at...

New Horizons for Me

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Sometimes you know it’s time for something new, even if you don’t yet know what that new thing will be. I’ve decided it’s time for me to move on from NCG. There’s never going to be a good time to leave this wondrous group of people. But I know I...


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