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Member Voices
Jan 16, 2024

Mobilizing Power During an Election Year

Our staff from the Healthcare Foundation Northern Sonoma County joined NCG’s 2023 Power Building cohort to learn how to be better advocates for policy changes on behalf of our grantees and their clients. Our goals were to learn more about IRS rules governing public charity C3s doing C4 and C4-aligned funding, and to bring what we learn to our many nonprofit colleagues in Sonoma County who are hungry to engage in more advocacy, but unclear on how to move forward.

Announcement/Press Release
Dec 14, 2023

Announcing Kirin Kumar as Director for Climate and Disaster Resilience

NCG is excited to announce Kirin Kumar (he/him) as its Director for Climate and Disaster Resilience. As a part of the Strategic Initiatives team, Kirin is an integral member of Philanthropy California’s disaster response team. 

Practice Lab
Nov 9, 2023

Practice Lab: Youth Participatory Grantmaking

NCG's Sarah Frankfurth chatted with Pui Ling Tam and Chrissy Sa about the Fund and lessons learned. tam Pui Ling Tam led the initial funder organizing to launch the Generational Recovery Fund, and Chrissy Sa and Pui Ling Tam served as Advisory Group Members throughout the life of the Fund. Watch and read more about the experience of leaders and youth participants from the fund below. 

Practice Lab
Nov 9, 2023

Practice Lab: Partnerships in Progress

In the aftermath of the study and catastrophic flooding following 13 consecutive atmospheric rivers across the San Joaquin Valley, an idea and partnership emerged. Read more below to hear about what worked, what didn’t, and where progress and investments are shifting in the Valley.

Asking for a Friend...
Nov 9, 2023

Asking for a Friend… As a person of color in leadership, how do I deal with microaggressions from white staff?

Conundrum: As a person of color leading a foundation, how do I deal with white staff who are demanding progress on DEI while simultaneously disrespecting, microaggressing, etc.

Nov 7, 2023

As Calls Mount for Ceasefire, Philanthropy Struggles to Find its Voice

Northern California Grantmakers recognizes we are witnessing a key moment in the history between Palestine and Israel. The violence is not occurring in a vacuum and this moment requires us to deepen our analysis. The fear, heartbreak, and trauma surrounding this crisis is generational, deeply polarizing, and challenges finding a resolution. NCG is here to support philanthropy in finding its voice as we and many others in the sector are struggling to do so.

Announcement/Press Release
Sep 26, 2023

Announcing Arron Jiron as Director for Member Engagement

NCG is excited to announce Arron Jiron (he/him) as its new Director for Member Engagement. Learn more about Arron's experience, how it impacts the member community, and get to know him here. 

CEO Corner
Sep 26, 2023

Retreat to Step Forward: A Day in the Racial Equity Journey of NCG

One of the things I love about being President of NCG is how powerfully I am reminded of the privilege and responsibility of the position. Leading the organization whose charge it is to strengthen philanthropic practice in Northern California has never had more meaning than it does today.