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The Theory and Practice of Disaster Grantmaking

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Roughly a year ago, I participated in a funders meeting about the North Bay fires, hosted by our friends at Northern California Grantmakers. At that time, I said in jest that I planned to spend the rest of my career in an iron box in the high desert...

Fire and Philanthropy: Special Edition

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A year ago today, firestorms came racing through our North Bay communities. With the immediacy of the smoke and danger to our friends and neighbors, it was hard to think about anything else. Our community responded with urgency and generosity...

How Many Ways Can We Say Intermediary?

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Our members have been asking for an easy way to explain what NCG does. From time to time, they’ve also asked which services come with their membership and which cost more.

Member Spotlight: Steve Cohen, Bay Area Democracy Funders

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Steve Cohen leads the Bay Area Democracy Funders and is an advisor of the Cow Hollow and SLC Giving funds at The San Francisco Foundation. As a part of our Member Spotlight Series , Steve discussed areas...

Philanthropy Resources for Hurricane Florence

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NCG members looking to learn more about philanthropy’s response to Hurricane Florence are encouraged to attend a joint briefing by the Center for Disaster Philanthropy and the South Eastern Council on Foundations this...

North Bay Fires: Five Lessons Learned

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Yesterday someone from San Francisco said to me “Wow…it’s been a year since the North Bay wildfires.” I quickly blurted back, “you mean 11 months.”


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