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2023 Corporate Philanthropy Institute: Building New Standards

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Over the last several years, companies and corporate philanthropy have had a call to respond to these times written in history books. In the past year alone, companies have seen attacks on ESG, boycotts when they stand up for inclusion and against racism, and even challenges to environmental investments. At the same time, data shows that 70% of Americans believe it is important for companies to make a positive impact. How can employees and companies follow through on racial equity commitments made in 2020? Employees in corporate philanthropy also know the responsibility and power they hold within their field in these times.

Corporate philanthropy has the power to navigate this moment in history by building new standards. A standard that elevates community needs in philanthropic strategy, centers racial equity as a moral, ethical, and business imperative, and recognizes environmental impact. These are just the highlights of what we need to consider as we blaze a new path for corporate philanthropy.

At this year’s Corporate Philanthropy Institute (CPI) we’ll explore what it means to create a new pathway and build new standards. We’ll highlight the pressures (both external and internal), offer context under which we’re doing our work today, share replicable strategies, provide tools for you to take back home to your company, and most importantly, offer space to be with others in the field wrestling with and seeking answers.

Hear from Past Attendees

This year we're excited to welcome past speakers and attendees! Listen to some of this year's featured speakers when the reflected on the state of the sector in 2021.

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