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Oakland Measure W: Fair Elections Oakland | 2022 Mid-Term Elections


There is a new opportunity to allow Oakland residents the chance to participate in elections with a public campaign financing program. The initiative is modeled off of a similar, successful effort in Seattle. In the 2022 mid-term election, voters have a role in supporting this effort to combat large corporate and interest group campaign financing – passing this proposition is a vital step toward democratizing campaign funding.  

The Oakland Fair Elections Act, also known as “Democracy Dollars,” will provide four $25 ($100 total) democracy vouchers to eligible Oakland residents to donate towards the campaign(s) of their choice. It aims to engage voters in the campaign financing process in the local elections, increase voter participation, and build connections between candidates and the community. A YES on Measure W will support racial equity efforts. 

Equity Analysis 

Passing this Measure will put historically marginalized voters at the center of electoral process. It will ensure local elections in Oakland are democratic for those who are low-income or otherwise are unable to contribute financially to the running candidate(s) of their choice. This will support a fully engaged, participatory, and community-driven democracy.  

What Your Vote Means 

  • VOTING YES: A YES vote would democratize campaign financing in Oakland’s local election, improving engagement between candidates and the community, while also increasing voter turnout. 
  • VOTING NO: A NO vote would mean corporation and out-of-state donors will continue to have disproportionate access Oakland voters, filling the political space with corporate interests and outsider politics. 


If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity to advance racial equity you can visit our community leaders: Fair Elections Oakland and Oakland Rising 

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