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Grieving Loss + Embodying Solidarity

" is tradition to sweep before the new year, to dust off our ancestral altars. it is not tradition to become ancestors before the new year."

- small earth by Shengxiao “Sole” Yu

In the wake of recent violence in Half Moon Bay, Monterey Park, and Memphis I hope you are finding opportunities to collectively grieve and honor the lives of Asian, Latino, and Black community members tragically lost. At NCG we have been sitting with the heaviness of this grief. We extend empathy and solidarity to those who mourn the loss of loved ones and those supporting the injured to heal from these profoundly traumatic acts of violence. 

To honor the lives taken, we must understand and disrupt structures that make violence like this the norm. We uplift the leadership of AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander) movement groups who have been naming the importance of undoing patriarchywhite supremacy, and carceral systems that make tragedies like these possible. Organizers have named that in the ongoing police violence against Black communities including the recent murder of Tyre Nichols, it is pivotal to move away from ineffective carceral solutions such as increased policing. Let's expand our imagination to transformative solutions that keep us all safe. 

As violence against Black, Indigenous, and Asian communities has escalated during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is vital to invest in marginalized communities beyond moments of crises and tragedies. We call on the philanthropic sector to fortify the leadership of historically marginalized BIPOC community members, migrant farm workers, and organizers on the ground building networks of community safety for the long haul

In philanthropy, we have a responsibility to redistribute resources back to leaders who hold a clear vision for our collective freedom and safety. Well-practiced in collective action, many movement groups have initiated mutual aid funds to support families directly impacted by recent violence. We call on you to review the resources below, follow the leadership of movement groups, and practice embodied solidarity. May we all embody compassion and grace with ourselves and each other during this time.  

Mutual Aid

Philanthropic Funds

Resources for Discussion and Action

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