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Q: What are the hours of the conference   

A: 9:30 am - 12:30 pm on Wednesday, May 19th and Thursday, May 20th. 


Q: Will the sessions be recorded and available to watch later? 

A: Yes! All sessions will be recorded and shared with registrants after the conference. 


Q: Can I still get access to the conference once it ends? 

A: Yes the conference will remain live after the event. 


Q: How do I start a video or audio call in Swapcard?   

A: You will see the boldened video icon in the upper right corner of the messages page. Click to initiate a video/audio call.


Q: How will I be notified when I get a connection request, message, or meeting request? 

A: The message icon on the top right will highlight red and a pop-up will appear on your screen. The notification icon will include the number of new messages you have.  You will also receive a notification in the “My Event” tab under "My meetings". If a notification has not been seen in 24 hours, you will receive an email notifying you to log into the platform to see your new notifications. Make sure this setting is turned on, you can toggle this on and off on the settings page. 


Q: What can I do to better view the sessions when they are lagging, and I can’t view?

A: We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox as an internet browser for a better user experience. Please also check your internet connection, to ensure a strong enough connection to stream the sessions. We also have a mobile app, sessions are viewable there as well.  Finally, we recommend that you refresh your screen periodically to receive newly posted updates to our messages and agenda.


Q: I can’t find my profile in the Attendee List? 

A: Please ensure that your profile is visible. You can toggle this on and off on the Attendee Page on the left-hand panel. 


Q: Does the show have a mobile app? 

A: Yes, but we recommend using the desktop version for the most engaging experience.