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Mar 12 - 19

The Cultural, Historical, & Political Foundations of Racism | 2024 Foundations of Racial Equity: Session 1


This introductory session to the Foundations of Racial Equity Series will offer two modules that explore the historical, cultural, and political roots of race and racism in the U.S. Over the course of these two modules, trainers...

Mar 14

Funding Like You Want To Win: Philanthropy & Movement Investments


As foundations put the finishing touches on their 2024 grantmaking portfolios, nonprofit organizations at the forefront of the movement for social justice are also planning their 2024 strategies to build power, disrupt the status...

Mar 20

Home Today, Home Tomorrow: Innovative Financing and Capacity Building Strategies for Housing Preservation: Part 2


No matter where you start, success in life starts at home for all ages and all people. When we have safe, secure places to live – whether you rent or own – parents earn more, kids learn better, health and well-being improve, and...

Mar 20

Strengthening California’s Democracy in an Era of Disruptive Technology and Deep Uncertainty


2024 promises to be a momentous year for democracy—locally, nationally, and globally. Over 4 billion people are living in countries with major elections this year. In the United States, we will also face familiar but obstinate...

Mar 27

Info Session: NCG's (c4) Power-Building Cohort


The Funding Strategies to Accelerate Power-building Cohort is learning and collaboration community of practice that will help philanthropic grantmakers sharpen their power-building strategies by engaging in 501c(4) and...

Apr 11

Breaking Patterns through Creative Practice: Towards Deeper Belonging


It’s safe to say that we understand why it’s important to focus on race as a factor in achieving equitable outcomes across our society. But what does it mean to create cultures that enable us to belong to each other within our...

Apr 15 - 16

California Criminal Justice Central Valley Funders Convening


California’s Central San Joaquin Valley is a vast region with 8 counties. It is home to rural, agricultural, poor and working-class communities of color and contains the majority of the state’s prisons. Despite its rich history of...

Apr 23 - 26

Racism and the Economy: Understanding Racial Capitalism | 2024 Foundations of Racial Equity: Session 2


In this second session of the Foundations of Racial Equity Series, we explore racial capitalism, which describes the current economic system of extracting social and economic value from people of color. Racial capitalism is based...

Events in the Field

Jan 1 - Dec 31

Foundation Partnership Program

Foundation Partnership Program (FPP)

Feb 8 - Jul 11

2024 Disability & Philanthropy Webinar Series

February 8th, April 11, May 9th, July 11th | 10:00 am - 11:00 am PST | Virtual Event 

Feb 21 - 22

IRSG 2024 Rural Equity Summit!

February 21 - 22, 2024 | 11:00 am - 1:30 pm PT | Virtual Event

Feb 21

Black Californians’ Experiences of Homelessness: Findings from CASPEH

February 21, 2024 | 12:00 noon - 1:00 pm PT | Virtual Event

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