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Hope on the Horizon! Progress on Bay Area Housing for All

The Bay Area Housing for All regional bond will unlock $10 – 20 billion dollars to build and preserve
more than 72,000 affordable homes across 9 Bay Area counties, meeting the urgency and scale of our
housing crisis. Over the past few months, the Bay Area Housing Finance Authority (BAHFA) and
Association of Bay Area Governments have been holding pivotal public meetings to hear from
organizations and community members and inform the bond’s expenditure plans. BAHFA will meet
again on June 26th for their final vote to approve plans and determine whether to place the housing
measure on the November 2024 ballot.

What’s been decided, and how can philanthropy get involved to ensure everyone in the Bay Area has a
home in a safe and vibrant community? Join us to learn about the progress of both the regional bond
measure and state level effort to lower the threshold for approval of housing bonds, and to hear about
the work that’s happening on the ground as a coalition of non-profit, philanthropic, business, and public
sector partners work to inform and advance these historic efforts. We’ll discuss the impact the regional
bond could have in the Bay Area, and how philanthropy can get engaged in the next stages of this effort
and help shape the future of housing in our region.

Who May Attend

This is a members-only event. If you are a funder who is not currently an NCG member, please email for more information on how to register.


Ken Chan

Senior Organizer

Ken Kirkey

Chief Partnership Officer

Justine Marcus

Director, Policy

Khanh Russo

Vice President of Policy and Innovation


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