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Crimmigration and the API Community: Disrupting the School to Prison to Deportation Pipeline

The Asian Pacific Islander (API) community is gravely impacted by both the criminal justice and immigration systems, yet we don’t hear enough about the challenges and needs of this population. The API prisoner population grew by 250% in the 1990s and API individuals incarcerated in California received life sentences at double the rate of the overall state prison population. They’re also impacted by immigration: In the last 25 years over 15,000 Southeast Asian Americans have received final orders of deportation, including many with refugee status and/or green cards. Eighty percent of Southeast Asian Americans facing deportation have prior criminal records, compared to 29% of all immigrants facing deportation. The API community is facing both criminal and immigration systems at an alarming rate.

Join Us To:

Learn about how crimmigration (criminal and immigration law) impacts the API community in Northern California, how the Asian Pacific Support Committee is supporting incarcerated and formerly incarcerated members of the API community and how funders can support work to disrupt the school-to-prison-to deportation pipeline. We will host this event in-person and through Zoom.

We invite you to join us in person for this important discussion. Refreshments to follow.


Registration Information

Event Details: This is a hybrid event. Attendees have the option of attending in-person at The James Irvine Foundation or virtually via Zoom. You will need to specify how you would like to attend on the registration form. 

In-person Attendance Requirements: COVID-19 Protocols: Participants are welcome to wear masks, but masks will not be required. Vaccination status will not be checked at this event.

Angie Junck

Human Rights Director

Allison Magee

Executive Director
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