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About | California Criminal Justice Funders Group

Our Vision

We envision a world rooted in racial, economic, and gender justice, where communities have access to the resources they need for health, safety, and self-determination without relying on criminalization or punishment. We believe philanthropy has an important role to play in making this vision a reality. We aim to transform the culture of philanthropy and funding in the criminal justice reform sector by fostering collaboration and solidarity among funders, and with impacted communities through long-term investments in grassroots organizations led by people of color and communities most impacted by incarceration, as well as principled allied organizations. We envision a funding community that stands in solidarity with the movements to end policing, criminalization, and imprisonment and that mobilizes and redistributes resources to see a more just, equitable and humane world.

Our Mission  

Founded in 2014, the California Criminal Justice Funders Group (CCJFG) is an established network of funders and donors that invest in a wide range of systems change. CCJFG engages funders from their current location and perspective and supports them to transform learning into collective action; develop principles that align with the movements to end policing, criminalization, imprisonment and the disinvestment of communities in California; build meaningful relationships with impacted communities; and mobilize and redistribute resources. As an active learning community, CCJFG regularly hosts educational events, prison visits, publishes a newsletter, and more. The CCJFG is guided by coordinator Adrienne Skye Roberts, and an active Steering Committee.

Values & Commitments

CCJFG’s Steering Committee recently engaged in a process to identify values and commitments to guide our work. We invite CCJFG members to review the following values, and the commitments they represent, and join us in embodying and striving towards these values from whatever current location and perspective you may hold. Our key values and commitments are: 1) Anti-Oppression & Abolition 2) Centering Directly-Impacted People 3) Learning with Humility 4) Collaboration, Engagement & Action. Read the Full Values > 

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