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Trust-Based Philanthropy Project

It’s time to address power and build equity in philanthropy.


NCG has partnered with the Trust-Based Philanthropy Project (TBPP) to bring the trust-based philanthropy framework to our members since its inception in 2019. Trust-based practices are undergirded by a set of values grounded in advancing equity, interrogating power imbalances, and cultivating mutually accountable relationships, and that exist within four dimensions of an organization: its culture, structures, leadership, and practices.

How to Engage

NCG has long advocated for the practices inherent to trust-based philanthropy, and appreciates the TBP Project’s focus on a holistic approach to grantmaking. In an effort to socialize the approach and support the NCG member community in adopting trust-based practices, we have partnered on numerous programs focused on the different elements of trust-based philanthropy. Our most recent offering, a 6-month peer exchange, concluded in December 2022.

Stay tuned for future offerings, and don’t miss out: You can find plenty of resources and events by making your way over to the Trust Based Philanthropy Project’s website.




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Eleni Refu, Senior Manager of Knowledge & Resources, Trust-Based Philanthropy Project

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