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Rooted and Rising: Reparative Economic Development

The neighborhoods we call home are steeped in meaning, culture, and history. Across Northern
California, historically Black and other people of color neighborhoods are working to reverse and repair
decades of community removals and neglect, while facing ongoing pressures that threaten resident and
business displacement. These communities have initiated reparative and inclusive economic and
community development efforts along commercial corridors that center the culture, values and history
of local residents.

Reparative development stands in juxtaposition to the legacy of urban renewal and federal programs
that decimated thriving Black and other people of color communities in our region. Intentional
development decisions were made that displaced people and businesses and broke up critical social and
cultural institutions. Through reparative, inclusive development along commercial corridors, residents
can reignite the vibrant character of their communities and create social, cultural, and economic wealth.

Join us to learn about inclusive economic repair, commercial corridor re-activation, and cultural revival
efforts to build and preserve economic prosperity for Black and other people of color residents in our
region. We’ll discuss the history, initiatives communities are leading, and how philanthropy can partner
to support reparative economic development that honors and sustains the thriving legacy of these

Who May Attend

This is a members-only event. If you are a funder who is not currently an NCG member, please email for more information on how to register.


Noni Session

Sasha Werblin

Roshaun Davis

Tony Tolentino

Vice President, Global Philanthropy
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