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RiseEast: The $100M plan to make East Oakland a place where Black children and families thrive

Imagine an East Oakland where Black children and families are not only surviving but flourishing. In this vibrant and inclusive community, every individual can reach their full potential and contribute to the greater good. RiseEast is a 10-year collective effort to make deep and lasting improvements in the well- being of Black children and families in East Oakland, with initiatives that are direct reflections of the hopes and needs of the people who live here.

RiseEast is an unprecedented, ambitious partnership between community-based organizations, public- sector leaders, and local and national funders, working together through a collective impact model facilitated by Oakland Thrives. This is a community rich with legacy. This is a community rich with potential. This is a community that is ready.

Join us to learn about RiseEast. We’ll hear from national place-based funder Blue Meridian Partners about their $50M contribution to RiseEast; along with Oakland Thrives, RiseEast members, and community leaders who will share their plan to improve health, housing, education, jobs, commerce, culture, well-being and safety in the 40x40 neighborhood of East Oakland.

Tune in to learn how you can be part of this once-in-a-generation, place-based investment.


Noha Aboelata, MD

Chief Executive Officer

Geoffrey Canada

Special Advisor

Brandi Howard

President and CEO

Greg Hodge

Carolyn Johnson


Kyla Johnson-Trammell


Melanie Moore


Selena Wilson

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