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Philanthropy California Grant Writing Training #3

Telling the Story of Your Work: Program Evaluation and Logic Models

This program is presented through a partnership between Philanthropy California and the
California Office of Emergency Services and is funded by the Listos California Grant Program.

Don’t be intimidated by program evaluation or logic models! They use specialized language, but
they are descriptions of very practical and down-to-earth realities about your program, such as
clearly describing what your program will do, counting how many people you served, or
listening to people describe how they were impacted by your program activities.

The webinar will cover the following topics:

Program Evaluation

  • Forms of program evaluation: quantitative (numbers) and qualitative (stories and experiences)
  • Kinds of program evaluation and when they happen
  • Outputs vs. outcomes
  • Forms of measurement (surveys, completion of referrals, provision of material goods)

Logic models

  • Common formats for a logic model
  • Determining metrics – what to measure and when
  • PDSA models – Plan, Do, Study, Act

Who Should Attend?

Grant writers of small to mid-size community-based organizations, nonprofits, and Tribes. Also
welcomed are development, planning, and program staff who want to learn about building
grants capacity in your organization.

Funders are also welcome to attend to learn more about how their grantees may be struggling
to access public funding opportunities.

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