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Maximizing Your NCG Membership in 2024

In our shared pursuit of a more equitable future for Northern California, NCG’s community of grantmakers strives to shift philanthropic practice and grow our collective impact. Join us for a workshop, "Maximizing Your NCG Membership in 2024" as we explore the advantages of working with NCG and being an integral part of this dynamic philanthropic community. Whether you are a seasoned philanthropist or new to the community, join us on February 6th to discover how your membership with NCG can offer you tools, resources, and meaningful connections. You are connected to a vibrant network of co-conspirators, partners, and colleagues. How can you work in partnership with others to propel your philanthropic vision forward

In this workshop, we will:

  • Learn how NCG serves as a hub for innovation, collaboration, and impactful philanthropic efforts.
  • Gain exclusive insights into NCG's vision for the year ahead, including targeted programming and initiatives that align with your philanthropic goals.
  • Uncover how NCG is investing in resources, support, and initiatives to maximize the impact of your philanthropic journey.

Connect with fellow NCG members and explore potential collaborations within the membership community.

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Sarah Frankfurth

Director of Regional Programs & Partnerships

Arron Jiron

Director of Member Engagement

Kirin Kumar

Director for Climate and Disaster Resilience

Dwayne S. Marsh

President & CEO

Qurratulain “Q” Sajid

Senior Director of Public Affairs
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