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Lean Funders: Building Organizational Resilience in Nonprofit Partners

Funding and supporting nonprofit resilience is a key component in sustaining our nonprofit ecosystem. How can lean funders magnify their capacity building work to strengthen their nonprofit partners?

Join NCG and Exponent Philanthropy for an in-person session for lean funders* to discuss how you can deepen your impact and support the organizational resilience and strength of nonprofit partners and the larger nonprofit ecosystem. Learn key considerations for effective action and hear from fellow funders and their experience.

Participants will: 

  • Explore different models and strategies from lean funders working to build nonprofit resilience
  • Discuss the challenges and opportunities of supporting organizational resilience
  • Foster peer connections with other lean funders while sharing and learning collectively

*Leanly staffed foundations/funders are organizations with staff of 5 or less (or no staff).

This session is part of NCG’s Collective Resilience Initiative working to strengthen and sustain our nonprofit ecosystem, learn more here.


Nilofar Gardezi

Program Officer & Grants Manager

Rebeca Rangel

Senior Program Officer

Dana Wellhausen

Deputy Director (former)


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