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Journalism and Democracy in Crisis: Combatting the Threats of Mis/Disinformation

NCG has launched a two-part event series in partnership with Mother Jones. Part 1 introduced funders to the role that nonprofit news outlets play in shaping a healthy democracy. Part 2 will follow-up with a deep dive into how historically marginalized communities are targeted with strategic disinformation campaigns and what local journalism can do to address it.

To learn more about Part 1, click here.

About Part 2

As people across the globe have increasingly turned to TikTok, Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube, and other tech platforms to get their news and express their opinions, social media has become the new public domain for discussing, dialoguing, – and arguing about – political and social issues. Influencers and the tech platforms themselves have the ability to both amplify and weaponize disinformation. With disinformation and false narratives spreading at a more rapid pace than journalists and fact-checkers are able to debunk them, and new challenges, including the rise of artificial intelligence, we must learn how to navigate disinformation across media platforms.

While historically marginalized communities are often the targets of organized disinformation campaigns about elections, public health, and safety, what role does a strong local community- based media infrastructure play in strengthening media literacy, disarming structural disinformation, and supporting communities targeted by disinformation? With our panelists, we’ll discuss mis- and disinformation impacts on democracy, and how journalism and philanthropy can play key roles in utilizing the media to build people power.


Kiera Butler

Senior Editor

Priscilla Enriquez


Alexis Madrigal

Co-Host, Forum

Jonathan Mehta Stein

Executive Director

Vincent Pan

Executive Director


Mother Jones
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