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Healing Justice: An Integral Approach to Advancing Racial Equity | 2022 Foundations of Racial Equity Session 3

About the Series

Anti-Black racism and white supremacy are embedded in philanthropy and in our institutions, often invisible to the majority of us, even as we work with intention towards equity and justice. As change agents within philanthropy, we are stretching to become our best selves, rise to the moment, and progress toward racial equity.

In order to undo systems of oppression, we need to understand the foundations of systemic anti-Black racism and white supremacy in our country. We cannot shift systems or our organizations without understanding how we got here, nor without looking at ourselves, at our relationships, and at our organizations themselves. The guiding purpose of Philanthropy California’s Foundations of Racial Equity (FRE) Series is to provide training for philanthropic practitioners to understand how anti-Black racism and white supremacy influence the field of philanthropy and to provide opportunities for action in your organizations based on what you learn here.

You can register for the full series at a discounted price or the individual sessions of your choice. We recommend attending Session 1 along with any other individual sessions you choose as it lays the groundwork for all session content. 

About Session 3

This third session of the Foundations of Racial Equity Series focuses on the importance of healing justice as a strategy, framework, and way of being within philanthropic institutions. The session will focus on internal organizational practices and external opportunities for philanthropy to resource healing justice strategies.

In the early 2000’s healing justice was introduced as a political and cultural organizing strategy by BIPOC southern-based organizers responding to white supremacist & xenophobic violence; a conservative backlash post 9/11 and increased fascism within the region and the nation. Defined by the Kindred Southern Healing Justice Collective, this strategy is deeply rooted in Black feminism and Black radical traditions of the South, and responds to generational trauma and systemic oppression through building community/survivor-led responses to sustain our collective well being. There is a growing call and desire for those in the philanthropic sector who are funding movement spaces, organizations, and community work to define, design, and implement Healing Justice and Holistic Security grantmaking and practices into their portfolios and organizational cultures. 

This first module will ground participants in the lineage and historical influences that shaped the strategy of healing justice. Participants will delve into the foundational principles and values of healing justice. Trainers will lead philanthropic practitioners through an understanding of the impact and role of grantmakers at this particular moment and beyond to expand on opportunities to build infrastructure and scale in Healing Justice political work.

The second module will provide participants with an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of what an integrated philanthropic Healing Justice and Holistic Security praxis include. We will discuss the interdependent and interlocking nature of Healing Justice and Holistic Security, core considerations for grantmaking, programming, and internal organizational culture shifts as well as possible broader philanthropic impacts.

Please note: We are committed to a process that builds analysis, practice, and strategy beyond COVID-19 and is not rooted only in crisis but in transformation for organizers and movement leaders for the long haul.

Join us to:

  • Learn the history and lineage of healing justice as a political framework.
  • Understand the role healing justice plays in philanthropic priorities such as grassroots organizing, power building.
  • Explore healing justice practices to use in their foundations to create a sustainable and equitable organizational culture.

Cost to Participate

  • Members: $150 per session or $675 for the full series
  • Nonmembers: $200 per session or $950 for the full series

We are offering series and Individual discounts for organizations that want to register at least 4 people. Discounts apply to both members and nonmembers.

Series Discount: If you would like to register multiple team members for the series, please email

  • 4 for the price of 3
  • 6 for the price of 5

Individual Session Discount

  • 4 people attending one session for the price of 3
  • 6  people attending one session for the price of 5

Session Info

Module A: Tuesday, September 27 | 9:30 am - 12:00 pm PT 

Module B: Tuesday, October 4 | 9:30 am - 12:00 pm PT 

Omisade Burney-Scott

Principal and Founder

Marisol Jiménez

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