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Funding Like You Want To Win: Philanthropy & Movement Investments

As foundations put the finishing touches on their 2024 grantmaking portfolios, nonprofit organizations at the forefront of the movement for social justice are also planning their 2024 strategies to build power, disrupt the status quo, transform narratives, and secure more equitable outcomes for their communities – but will they be funded to put those plans into action?

Every historical movement, from civil rights to marriage equality has required sustained effort over time, including developing campaign frameworks, deploying organizers, conducting research and message testing, and navigating legislative and judicial systems. As a sector, philanthropy is uniquely positioned to underwrite these capacities and ensure that movements have the resources needed to weather oppressive forces - including in many cases, a well-funded opposition. From homelessness, to economic inequality, to xenophobia and racism, the challenges our nation faces will not be solved overnight. The adage “fund us like you want us to win” is one that funders should take to heart as they pursue agendas to improve community wellbeing.

In this conversation we’ll hear from leaders at the forefront of efforts to build a more inclusive, healthier, safer and prosperous multi-racial democracy, as well as learn foundations that have embraced movement-centered strategies.



Register by 5:00 pm PT on Wednesday, March 13th.


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