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Funders for Climate Equity September Meeting

A recent report, Much Alarm, Less Action, from the Center for Effective Philanthropy found that both foundation and nonprofit leaders believe that climate change will negatively affect their work —no matter the issues they focus on. However, less than 2% of all giving went to building climate resilience. Continued climate inaction by the philanthropic sector, will undo existing efforts to address a multitude of societal challenges, particularly those around public health.

In California, climate change is threatening the health and safety of communities, and almost every aspect of daily life will be impacted. As one foundation leader says, “[climate change] impacts our political, economic, and social constructs in addition to people’s lives and the ecosystems on which we depend.” We know that:

  • As temperatures rise, extreme heat will increase the risk to outdoor workers and unhoused populations
  • Rural economies and the agriculture sector will continue to be impacted by drought, extreme heat, and pest/pathogen exposure
  • The skies over California cities will be choked with wildfire smoke during the summer and fall, affecting the health of our most vulnerable populations

It is no longer possible to ignore the climate chaos raging around us, and the fragmented nature in which the philanthropic community is engaging with climate change puts the communities they serve at risk.

This webinar invites funders who traditionally don’t fund in the “climate” space, including housing/homeless prevention and public health funders, to consider how climate change is impacting the health of the communities they already serve, as well as selected strategies and tools that support frontline communities’ efforts to build climate and disaster resilience.

Speakers will address

  1. Why climate change considerations are integral to their work and the populations they serve
  2. Why funders should view climate change as an intersectional issue
  3. Ways for non-“climate” funders to support building community climate resilience through their typical grantmaking strategies

Beatrice Camacho

Melissa Jones

Executive Director

Alan Kwok

Senior Advisor

Gina Solomon

Program Director Achieving Resilient Communities
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