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CCJFG Member Meeting Series Session 2: Funding Alternatives to the Prison Industrial Complex

In this three-part series, California Criminal Justice Funders Group (CCJFG) funder-members will come together to discuss and identify funding strategies that support alternatives to the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC), including investing in community-led models that address lasting alternatives to punishment and imprisonment. We will learn about concrete funding strategies, hear from movement leaders, highlight CCJFG members’ work, and share practical strategies for supporting work that reimagines different models of community safety and justice.

What do we mean by community-led models? The following are examples and not an exhaustive list:

  • Healing Justice
  • Community based alternatives to 911
  • Community based responses to violence (Transformative Justice)
  • Violence interrupters
  • Credible messengers
  • Restorative Justice
  • Restore Circles

In the second member meeting of this 3-part series, we will invite CCJFG movement leaders to share concrete examples from the field of alternatives to the Prison Industrial Complex. We will discuss what challenges our movement partners face in doing the crucial work of building sustainable, community-led alternatives to formal system-involvement, and what they need from funders to uplift and support their work.

Learn more about the series! Click here to register for Session 1 and here for session 3.

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