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Public Policy


Northern California Grantmakers members are grappling with complex issues in a diverse and rapidly-changing region. We recognize that policy is a powerful tool to advance significant and sustained change and improve outcomes. We believe philanthropy has the mandate to advocate for policy-based approaches for shared goals.

Goals: The following guides our work

  • Ensure the laws and policies governing the philanthropic ecosystem maximize the delivery of social good.
  • Expand economic security for individuals, families, and communities across Northern California.
  • Advance and promote the rights of historically marginalized communities in Northern California, including communities of color, low-income communities, and immigrants and refugees.
  • Leverage collective efforts to advance a statewide policy agenda as part of Philanthropy California. 

Through our advocacy, NCG seeks to:

  • Amplify community-based efforts that advance opportunity, racial equity and social justice for Black, Indigenous and other communities of color.
  • Equip our member community with tools, information, and skills to strengthen advocacy and policy capacity and engagement within their own philanthropic institutions and in the nonprofit organizations they support.
  • Build enduring relationships of trust between philanthropy and policymakers.
  • Support policy-based efforts to strengthen and protect the philanthropic sector.
  • Collaborate with members, local community partners, and statewide collaborators to advance policy initiatives that address targeted local and state issues.
  • Respond effectively and collectively to proposed policies that are contrary to shared values, principles, and goals.