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What We're Doing Together | Youth Power Fund


We provide opportunities for foundations and individual donors to collectively cultivate a powerful youth organizing ecosystem with shared strategies to engage more young people, expand power, and address pressing issues. Working closely with aligned funders, researchers, and groups on the ground, and with the facilitation support of Youth Organize! California, the collaborative fund is committed to utilizing collective expertise to support emergent and established youth organizing and leadership development strategies throughout the region.

Long-Term Outcomes
We aim to support the increased capacity and effectiveness of youth organizing groups, advance a regional ecosystem of youth organizers, program leaders, funders, and key partners, coordinate with other regional collaboratives in California, and inspire funders to prioritize youth organizing and direct a larger share of resources to support the growth of this ecosystem. 

How We Collaborate 

Supportive Relationships: We engage in regular funder-to-funder and funder-to-organizer activities to build knowledge, understanding and trust. 

Shared Learning: We co-create a learning agenda to enhance our working knowledge by drawing on the expertise of participating funder and organizing partners, research from field and academic leaders, and insights from national colleagues like those in the Funders Collaborative on Youth Organizing (FCYO). 

Collective Action: Together, we will build and disburse a pooled fund in a manner that adds value for all our funding partners. Outcomes include creating a table where long-standing youth organizing funders can attract additional funding for their grantees; national funders can find local partners to attain regional impact, and funders who do not have a youth organizing strategy can harness youth power who are working on their issues. 

Participatory Grantmaking: We will bring youth leaders to the decision-making table, including their insights in reviewing applications and in the design of the grant processes.