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Giving More, Making Change.

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In 2012 FACT made final grants to its portfolio of grantees. As planned, the foundation spent out its endowment as part of a strategy to have the most impact within a fixed period of time. This website, developed from the report, Giving More. Making Change. A Journey in Progressive Grant Making , is presented here to document FACT’s work, principles and its impact over almost 18 years of existence.

Beyond Five Percent

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Beyond Five Percent profiles several organizations that have charted alternative paths to the traditional lifespan model for foundations. This includes foundations that are adopting a limited existence by "spending down" their resources through a variety of methods, as well as those that have adopted policies of higher or flexible payout without necessarily intending to spend down. This report is intended to aid grantmakers looking for insightful approaches to philanthropy and innovative ways to deploy their assets.
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Tech Entrepreneur Commits $600 Million to Establish New San Francisco Foundation

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Napster co-founder and former Facebook President Sean Parker formally announces plans and strategies for his new $600 Million foundation, The Parker Foundation.
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