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Creating Shared Value: A How-to Guide for the New Corporate (R)evolution

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Creating Shared Value (CSV) requires comprehensive and sustained efforts across a corporation. Drawing heavily on real-life examples, this FSG report identifies ten key building blocks that together form a blueprint for translating CSV into action, and explores how companies can get started on that process.
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Staking Out Reflective Territory: The Heart of Philanthropy

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"Philanthropy is replete with complex tensions that must be held to do it well—for example, the pressures to be objective AND be empathetic, to be polite and nice AND to speak truth, to be efficient AND transformative. We face great complexity in...

Call for Participants: How Funders Maximize Nonprofit Leadership Investments

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The Bridgespan Group is conducting important research on how funders can maximize the impact of investments in leadership in the nonprofit sector. Results will be completely anonymous, and participants who complete the survey will receive the final...

Fundraising. Communications. Financial Management.

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Discussion around grantee overhead costs and capacity building is timely. Programs need to be funded, but finance, fundraising and communications are all pieces of the total costs which are often under invested.


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