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Announcing the Real Cost Project: A Statewide Collaboration to Support Nonprofit Outcomes

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Northern California Grantmakers, San Diego Grantmakers and Southern California Grantmakers are pleased to announce the launch of our new joint initiative—the Real Cost Project—to increase the impact of philanthropy across California.

South Bay Here We Come: Taking the Financial Workshop Series on the Road

Release Date: 
South Bay members here we come! NCG is bringing its wildly popular Financial Workshop series to your neck of the woods. All three of our workshops will be hosted in Menlo Park by NCG member The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

NCG’s Financial Management Workshop Series: A Quick Q&A with Phuong Quach

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Next month NCG kicks off a three-part Financial Management Workshop Series designed in partnership with Fiscal Management Associates (FMA). Why are we doing this? What can members expect of the workshops? NCG Member Engagement Director Phuong Quach...

Real Cost Project: Barriers to Change

"Real Cost Project: Barriers to Change“ is a new report issued by the Real Cost Project, finds that there are deeply ingrained practices, beliefs and perceptions in the philanthropic community that are preventing the adoption real cost funding practices.


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