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Navigating the Political Landscape

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California’s three regional philanthropy associations are deepening our partnership as a force for positive impact, and the timing couldn’t be better. We wanted to share this collection of resources to help you understand and navigate the post-...

A Watershed Moment for Philanthropy Infrastructure

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The work of infrastructure organizations often feels like a “play within a play within a play”—we’re supporting our members’ work in a particular region or on a particular issue while simultaneously grappling with it ourselves.

Resources for Funding Hate: A Philanthropist's Guide to Prevention

Philanthropy supports community and policy partners to change hearts and minds and improve quality of life. The solutions funded can be as diverse as the people innovating them, so a critical step in grantmaking is gaining an understanding of the values and belief systems driving an organization’s work. In a world where a nonprofit “elevator pitch” has become as honed as a startup, due diligence must go beyond verifying tax status to include scrutiny, policies and procedures that screen out hate groups. In particular, we must understand how white nationalist ideology paints itself in terms of...


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