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Equity and Social Justice

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What’s scarier than ghosts and haunted houses this Halloween? The rhetoric and tone of the Presidential election. We’re all witnessing a frightening and divisive campaign season. No matter the outcome, we know there is much work ahead to reconcile...
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Trump’s Tax Plan Would Only Help Wealthy Parents

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NCG member Surina Khan is the CEO of the Women's Foundation of California. Check out her Op-Ed in Wednesday's San Francisco Chronicle for a host of solutions to make childcare affordable in the Bay Area.

No One is Too Old or Too Young to Make a Difference: My Clinton Global Initiative Experience

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Yali Lincroft, Program Officer for the Walter S. Johnson Foundation attended this past weekend's Clinton Global Initiative in Berkeley, CA. Today, The Chronicle of Social Change published her piece on the experience. Find out what she learned and...

A New Generation of Girl Philanthropists Inspires

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On Friday, Philanthropy News Digest published a piece by NCG Member Surina Khan. As the CEO of the Women's Foundation of California, Surina writes about one of the Foundation's giving circles, a group of high school girls in LA who are emblematic of...


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