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Resources for A Grantmaking New Year’s Resolution: A Values-Based Grantmaking Practice

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Values-aligned grantmaking is becoming every day parlance in our field, with good reason: foundation professionals are increasingly conscious of the role they play in social change. Similarly, the challenges we face seem ever more difficult to solve, and the injustices individuals, communities, and the planet face are heartbreaking. Making highly effective grants across a portfolio and even across an entire foundation is the nut we are all trying to crack. Given the current moment in philanthropy, in our country, and across the world, grantmakers are looking more intentionally at their own...

Voicing Your Inner Socrates: 50 new grantmakers, 10 big questions, 2 days

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NCG’s New Grantmakers Institute is coming up, and I’ve been doing a lot of work gearing up to it. In prepping the presenters, my frame for these two days is becoming really clear.

NCG Members Are “Get on the Map” Trailblazers!

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That’s right! Our sources tell us that NCG members are pioneers when it comes to “Get on the Map” participation. We here at NCG couldn’t be more thrilled because member participation means a more robust regional and statewide map.

Get on the Map: Learn How to Get Your Foundation on It

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Who wouldn’t want a dynamic mapping tool that shows you who’s funding what in our region? Imagine how such a tool would inform your grantmaking. Does such a tool exist? Not yet. But the operative word is “yet.” Don't miss out on this opportunity to...

Get on the Map: What, Why, How?

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Learn more about the "Get on the Map" campaign and the new tool Foundation Maps—a highly interactive and searchable mapping platform—at the upcoming February 3rd webinar hosted by the Foundation Center.

Get on the Map–And Get Even More Savvy about Your Grantmaking!

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Imagine being able to see who is funding what and where—anywhere in our region, anytime, and with just a few clicks. NCG is pleased to partner with the Foundation Center and the Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers to launch the "Get on the...


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