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Survey | 2020 Northern California Wildfires

Investing in Long-Term Solutions to Building Wildfire Resilience

California has yet to experience the peak of the wildfire season, as September and October are expected to be worse across the western U.S.

Earlier this summer, Philanthropy California and our partners at the Moore Foundation, Hewlett Foundation, Resources Legacy Fund, Vibrant Planet, and Smart Growth California hosted the “Building Wildfire Resilience in the West,”  a series of six sessions that covered the causes of catastrophic wildfire, its compound impacts on issues like public health, equity, water, and climate change, and emerging solutions for saving lives, property, and natural resources. We feel a great sense of urgency to move the energy created by the “Building Wildfire Resilience in the West” to action.

Help Us Shape our Efforts

In addition to direct emergency and humanitarian assistance needed immediately, we must also focus on solutions to the fundamental issues causing catastrophic wildfire, from scaled forest/landscape restoration to harnessing market mechanisms to fund a new restoration economy, to changing policies from local to federal levels, to reducing risks to wildfire for our most vulnerable communities, and to public education about what’s at stake to climate change solutions. Help us shape these efforts. 

Please submit your responses by Friday, September 4, 2020. 

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