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Sessions | Unconscious Whiteness for Board Members & Trustees

In this four-part workshop, participants will:

  • Deepen their understanding of the systems of white supremacy and reflect on how those systems show up in philanthropic and nonprofit culture.
  • Identify concrete ways to show up as anti-racist leaders and interrupters of the status quo in philanthropy, in their roles as trustees.
  • Commit to taking action in their role in the philanthropic sector that applies their learning in service of disrupting systemic racism.

Session 1 (January 29) Objectives:

  • Create a brave space for participants to be vulnerable, set the stage for intimacy and connection, and express clear expectations for participation, and review how to use the Zoom platform.
  • Participants explore frameworks of power, privilege, and oppression and locate themselves within them.

Session 2 (February 12) Objectives:

  • Participants grapple with the historical creation of race (specifically whiteness), and how it has brought us to the current moment.
  • Participants discuss policies and systems that have both created modern philanthropy and upheld white supremacy in the U.S. over the last hundred+ years, and their present-day impact.

Session 3 (February 26) Objectives:

  • Participants explore how whiteness shows up in organizations / on teams, and reimagine alternatives that open up the possibility for more liberated ways of working and being together.
  • Participants consider their individual role in upholding white supremacy through their role as trustees.

Session 4 (March 12) Objectives:

  • Participants will engage with equity-based leadership practices.
  • Participants hear from CEOs and trustees who have been doing this work, who will highlight challenges and lessons learned from their journey.
  • Participants make specific commitments to take action on what they’ve learned throughout this workshop series, with a check-in planned for 2-3 months after this session.