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UC Berkeley Haas Institute's Othering & Belonging Conference 2019

The Othering & Belonging conferences, organized by the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society at UC Berkeley, are dynamic and uniquely curated events which aim to elevate work nationally and globally in "othering and belonging," a critical lens developed by the Haas Institute under the leadership of john a. powell for defining structural exclusion and inclusion, and an analytical and applied framework which we can use to design and advance institutions, narratives, and policies that support a more fully inclusive “we.”  

A major aim of Othering and Belonging is to popularize and familiarize our movements and our larger communities and networks with the skills and knowledge to participate in advocacy and ideas using a belonging framework.  

The Othering & Belonging conferences elevate empirical and evidence-based approaches while prioritizing relationship-building that can spark new and innovative collaborations that cut across discipline, identity, issue-area, national borders, and generations, in order to propel more impactful work for all of us.

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