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Trend or Tipping Point: Arts & Social Change Grantmaking

Publication date: 
October, 2013
Trend or Tipping Point: Arts & Social Change Grantmaking assembles a first-time portrait of arts funders, social change funders, and others supporting civic engagement and social change through arts and cultural strategies. Focusing on grantmaking in the United States, the report aims to characterize the nature of support from both private and public sectors. It examines how various grantmakers think about social change in the context of agency goals and what outcomes they are looking for through their support. The report looks at the types of activities and projects that are being funded as well as grantmaking strategies and structures. It documents obstacles and opportunities for greater support, considering both funders who are and are not supporting this work. 
In total, the report seeks to illuminate arts for social change philanthropy and provides some concrete information to advance both discussions about this field of work and support for it.