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Transforming Lives, Transforming Movement Building

Publication date: 
November, 2014

Transforming Lives, Transforming Movement Building: Lessons from the National Domestic Workers Alliance Strategy – Organizing – Leadership (SOL) Initiative documents the impacts and lessons from a two-year transformative leadership and movement building program to strengthen the domestic worker movement.

In collaboration with trainers from generative somatics (gs) and Social Justice Leadership (SJL), the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) took a cohort of 60 domestic workers and organizers through an intentional process of transformation that integrated political somatics practices with leadership skills for organizing and building power.

Transforming Lives, Transforming Movement Building documents the observable and immediate markers of transformation among the cohort that reflect the kind of leadership needed to take bold steps forward, move constructively through conflicts towards transformative change, and address trauma and other barriers to social change—while also building healthy organizations and forwarding values of love and dignity to sustain the work and become a more powerful movement.

The report itself is the result of an iterative, co-creative process between PERE, NDWA, SJL, and gs – the sort of process they have called for when recommending a new model of assessment and evaluation. The report authors hope that their collective attempt to translate this effort are useful to the movement-building field and philanthropic supporters given the historic openings for the recognition of domestic workers, the growth in organizing of low-wage and contingent workers in general, and the need for stronger, broad-based, grassroots movements nationally.

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