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Publication date: 
November, 2013

A project of the Harmony Instiute, this interactive web portal for exploring the impact of film is for everyone from curious movie-goers to dedicated advocates. The user interface and content are tailored to let anyone explore the media-scape, investigate data, and gain insights with StoryPilot. Many of the features of the app, however, were designed and developed specifically for filmmakers, producers, and media funders. With so few available options for compelling analysis, The Harmony Institute wanted to provide those in the documentary film industry an avenue for better understanding the effects of media projects and social issue campaigns. 

The Harmony Institute approaches impact evaluation from a cross-disciplinary perspective. Their research draws upon theories from social psychology, communications, and political science, amongst others. For example, their research on decision-making and persuasion helps them understand how films affect individuals, including their learning outcomes, and changes in attitude and behavior.