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Resources for What’s Ahead for Racial Equity: Real Talk with Manuel Pastor and Lateefah Simon

“Advancing racial and economic equity is the defining challenge of our time. Rising inequality and persistent racial inequities threaten our social cohesion and economic potential. We must work to build a Bay Area that is inclusive and prosperous for all residents.”  -Solving the Housing Crisis Is Key to Inclusive Prosperity in the Bay Area; April 2018

What is the landscape of economic, racial, and social inequities in the Bay Area, and what can we do about it? NCG is excited to announce our new offering - the Racial Equity Action (REA) Institute - to bring together racial equity specialists and leaders to harness our collective strength. To kick off the REA Institute, we are hosting a conversation with field leaders who have experience and knowledge in multiple sectors. They will discuss the macro view of equity issues for the Bay Area and address the themes of the REA Institute sessions—using evidence, listening to community, shifting culture, leveraging change, and working together. Join us to learn more and see if the REA Institute is a good fit for you and your institution.

The San Francisco Foundation’s Fred Blackwell, CEO, provided opening remarks and NCG’s Alice Y Hom, Director of Equity and Social Justice, led a conversation with Manuel Pastor, Director of the University of Southern California’s Program for Environmental and Regional Equity and Lateefah Simon, President of Akonadi Foundation and Director on the BART Board. 

REA Institute

NCG’s new REA Institute will connect racial equity specialists and leaders in philanthropy, government, business, and nonprofits to learn, network and develop a mix of actionable strategies with field experts and each other. The REA Institute is a multi-sector space to test and deepen racial equity and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practices. 

To watch the recording of this program, please click here