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Resources from Together for Good | NCG's 2018 Annual Conference

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April, 2018

On April 16th, 2018, we hosted our 2018 NCG Annual Conference, the largest gathering of the philanthropic community in Northern California. This year’s conference, Together for Good, featured lead thinkers on the critical issues of our time, such as the role of media in upholding democracy, overcoming social inequality, and advancing narrative change. We dug deep into how philanthropy can – and must – bring to bear not only financial resources, but also our collective leadership, voice, action, and empathy to really move the ball. 

Resources from each session can be accessed below. 

Morning Plenary

What's it going to take to bridge cultural divisions in our society?
What’s it going to take to bring about environmental change in a just and equitable way?

What’s it going to take to bring the stories of criminal justice and immigration to light to fuel reform?

Breakout Sessions

Ideas Fest: 30 Ideas to Change the World
Hosted by: Simone Poutnik, New 
Positivity: How can foundations be centers of positivity to do our best thinking and work?
Hosted by: Amy Shields, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations
Design: How might we fundamentally reimagine grantmaking to be whole-person centered and systems-focused?
Hosted by: 

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Conference Day Videos

You can view the videos from the conference on our Vimeo Channel.  View the Conference Session Videos >