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Resources from Social Justice in Disaster: Neighborhoods and Nonprofits Point the Way

Publication date: 
April, 2018

In an April 10th program, we heard from local leaders and nonprofits from the Bayview neighborhood of San Francisco, Napa, and Sonoma as they discussed how they are helping their communities, and what they need to be effective in disaster. Two Bay Area funders will discussed their disaster support and how it fits into their missions and broader programmatic work as well as ways that funders can support grantees and local leaders.

We learned: 

  • Strategies to ensure that marginalized communities are supported immediately following disasters and through long-term recovery
  • What neighborhood networks and nonprofit organizations need before, during, and after disasters to be effective
  • How you can support your own grantees and other organizations that will be involved in response and recovery

Speakers included: 

Materials from the program, as well as additional information, can be accessed below.