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Resources from Saving the Social Safety Net: Advocacy Lessons for Funders

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January, 2018

Our nation’s social safety net is at risk, and the effects on our most vulnerable communities could be devastating. In a session on 1/24/18, we heard about critical work that is happening now to save our social safety net, given Arabella Advisors' recent work with donors and advocates to protect the programs that collectively constitute that safety net using all available tactics and resources.

We heard from Margarida Jorge, co-Executive Director of Health Care for America Now; Louisa B. Warren, Deputy Director of State Strategies of Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, and Wendoly Marte, Field Director of Safety Net Defense, and Senior Organizer, Center for Community Change on current challenges and opportunities facing their organizations in the fight to save these safety net programs. 

Finally, Jessica Robinson Love, Senior Director of Arabella Advisors, shared tactics for designing and implementing advocacy initiatives for the funders in the room.

Presentations from the speakers can be viewed below, as well as a concept memo on the Safety Net Defense Fund. 

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